What’s in a name??

So just in case anyone did not realize, we chose to not find out the sex of our baby. Life is full of surprises, though not all of them are as fun as this one.  So we were looking at boy names and girl names.  I am going to keep the ones we didn’t use this time secret because ya never know.  😉

We tossed lots of names back and forth through the entire 9 months. We had talked about using one of our parent’s middle names for a middle name. We didn’t really want to name our baby after anyone’s first name.  Too confusing. lol

So we were asleep in bed one night and I woke up to find Nathan awake too.  I asked what he was doing and he said, “What do you think of the name, Rebekah Lynn?”  I said, “I like it, but it is 2 o’clock in the morning!” I then rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning we added it too our list but we decided that we were not going to pick any specific names until we had held our baby.

When she was born the Dr honestly didn’t tell me if it was a boy or girl.  I asked 2 or 3 times, “Is it a boy or girl!?” before my mom was able to see and tell me it was a girl.  The minute I heard that I knew what her name was supposed to be. I looked at Nathan and said, “I think it is supposed to be Rebekah Lynn”.  He asked if I was sure since neither of us had gotten to hold her yet.  I was positive.  I looked across the room at my mom and told her, “Grandma, meet Rebekah Lynn!” It was such an incredible feeling, knowing exactly what her name was supposed to be.  I truly believe God gave her daddy that name.

Rebekah – One who is bound to God
Lynn – A form of Linda, meaning one who is soft and beautiful. This is also Nathans mom’s middle name.

I pray that she will grow to be a woman who is bound to God with a soft and beautiful spirit.

Photo courtesy of Antisdel's Natural Light Photography


About natenkim

~About Kimberly~ Kimberly Paige Kelly, hmmmmm what to write about? Some of my first thoughts when I first met her is that she had beautiful eyes, loved her personality, sense of humor and that she danced. Since then I have grown to admire her love of God and of people. Every little kid I've seen her come across has run up to her, and gave her hugs and kisses. I have seen this, the people who have prayed for her, her family and so many people that love her so dearly it amazes me. I've seen her volunteer and give with a heart of Gold; seen her reason, plan and debate with a sharp mind; dances and smiles with beauty and grace that I wish to appear as often as possible. She is the oldest sister of three, with her siblings Karla and Kristin. She is the daughter of Chris and Cheryl and has spent her time after graduating dancing and working for a chiropractor. She loves to read, watch movies and try new things. ~About Nathan~ Nathan Glen Mayberry is the son of Dennis and Lisa. The first thoughts through my mind when I saw Nathan were "wow he is tall!" and "what gorgeous eyes". Since then I have continued to learn things about him that have me falling more head over heels every day. He has 6 siblings that he loves very, very much. 1 older and 5 younger. He lived in California til about age 11 when his family moved to Omaha for about 5 years before moving to Missouri. He was home schooled and very involved with his family in karate. Nathan loves going to his church, New Day, and when first started going with him he helped teach a kids sunday school class. He also helps lead a small group out of his home. Nathan enjoys being active, whether working out, playing ultimate frisbee, swing dancing, or learning how to surf when he went to Hawaii. He is always up for learning something new and I have had a blast learning some new things with him. Nathan and his dad work for Cerner and Nathan enjoys going to lunch with him regularly. Nathan also bought a house in August of 2009 and enjoys doing different things around the place. He also has an amazing romantic streak that I love. He is always writing me poems, bringing me flowers, and constantly making me laugh. I thank God for this man....he is definitely more then I could ever of asked or imagined. :) ~How we met~ The beginning of July of 2009 I (Kim) received a Facebook message from a friend of mine, Leah. She informed me that she had this friend who I HAD to meet. She told me he was a "great christian guy and very involved in his church." She also wanted to know if I would go on a double date with her and her boyfrien
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