Johanna’s Birth Story

Well Miss Johanna decided to change things up with this labor and delivery. 🙂 This being my 3rd baby, I felt pretty certain that she would go past the EDD (estimated due date) just like her big sisters. That being said, I wasn’t prepared for this baby to go quite this close to 42 weeks.

At my appointment the Saturday before she arrived the midwife told me there was no progress and reminded me that if I went to 42 weeks then they could no longer let me deliver at the birth center. We discussed some things and made the plan for my next appointment on Tuesday, which was 41+6. If I wasn’t in labor by that morning then I was to take castor oil at 5am to try and get things “moving”. Yuck!

The night before my 41+6 appointment, a friend and I went out for pedicures. When I got home, I asked Nathan to rub my feet and ankles with Clary Sage essential oil. We went to bed about 10 o’clock. At 12:30 I was woken up by a contraction. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but a bit later I had another contraction. I laid there dozing for a while between contractions but decided I should get up and time the contractions. They were only 15min apart. From 12:30 to 5:30 I had contractions that were enough to wake me if I tried to sleep but they never got any closer together. This was very different for me since I had never had “warm up” labor with my first 2 kiddos. I called the midwife on call at 5am to ask if I still needed to take the castor oil since the contractions had kind of “cleared things out” already. She suggested I wait and see what they said at my 10am appointment, so I went back to bed and tried to doze between contractions. I finally fell asleep sometime between 5:30 and 6am.

Nathan had decided to work from home so he could go to the appointment with me. We went in for the appointment at 10 and my mom and Karla met us there to help with the girls. When they checked me, I was shocked and excited to find out that the 5 hours of contractions had me dialated to a 5! This meant that I had the option of them breaking my water to help move things along. The midwife asked if I wanted them to do it right then. I asked if I could go nap first, since I had been up for 5 hours during the night. She said that was a good idea and suggested I eat as big of a lunch as possible before and come back around 2pm. We decided to go to my mom’s and crash there. We stopped and ate at Sweet Tomatoes and then headed to my parents’ house. On the way, both girls fell asleep so I dozed off too. (Nathan was driving.) When we pulled in we decided to just doze in the van since the sun was shining and the girls were sleeping. About 1:30 we went to leave but the van wouldn’t start. We jumped it and then left. We got to the birth center around 3pm and they took us back and broke my water around 3:30. They suggested taking a walk around the area for an hour to see if things started to progress. We walked for an hour and then came back. When they checked me I was dialated to a 6 and they decided to check me in. We went to the room, my mom called my dad to let him know that Karla would be leaving with the girls. They brought the girls back to say goodbye and we walked them out to the van. Once they left, we went back in to the room.

I spent the next few hours going between the tub and leaning over the end of the bed. The contractions would really pick up in intensity when I would lean over the end of the bed with my belly hanging down. Since both Bekah and Ellie had been born sunny side up, I was good laboring this way in hopes that this baby would get in to a better position.  They checked me once or twice and told me I still had a cervical lip. The last time they checked me, I felt a lot of movement from baby. Before I could tell them, the midwife excitedly asked for the heart rate monitor and said she thought baby had flipped. When she found the heart rate, baby had moved into a better position!! At that point contractions picked up in both intensity and timing. I don’t know how quickly it was but it seemed like only minutes before it was time to push! I was on my knees on the bed, leaned over a peanut ball. When baby slid out at 11:42pm, Nathan caught and then they handed baby up to me. I moved to my back and laid baby on my chest. At that point we saw that we had a girl. Our 3rd girl!! So exciting. 🙂 

We lay there for quite a bit. During that time they clamped the cord and Nathan cut it. They had a busy night so they needed to take care of some other mamas instead of weighing and measuring the baby. She decided to nurse during that time and we marveled that we had another girl. She had long nails and no vernix, definite signs that she was past the EDD. They came in a bit later to get weight and length and I was shocked to find out this sweetie was only 7 pounds 10 ounces!!! All I could think was, “Thank God I birthed somewhere that let me go as long as possible!” If she had been born at 40 weeks then she would have definitely been under 7 pounds. My smallest was Bekah at 7lbs 6oz! Apparently this little one just needed the extra time to grow. We got a few hours of sleep and then started discussing names. That will be a separate post. 🙂 

 Johanna Carole

November 10, 2015 @11:42pm

7lbs, 6oz and 21in


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Elizabeth’s Birth Story

Elizabeth arrived on October 7, 2013 at 10:52am after only 9 hours of labor!  Let’s just say it was a huge improvement with how it went with her labor and delivery as opposed to her big sister’s.

I felt like things might be going somewhere around the time we put Bekah to bed. I remember calling my mom with a “Tonight might be it!” warning. I decided to take a long shower and by the time I got out things were definitely progressing. My contractions started getting longer but not really closer together. I called the midwife and she suggested I come in just to see where things were. I called my mom and around 11:40 pm we headed in to the birth center.

When we got to the birth center, they checked and I was at a 5. At first the midwife suggested I might go back home, but after having a couple of contractions closer together she changed her mind and encouraged me to take a walk a while they got the room ready. After my dad left with Bekah, I went for a walk with Nathan and my mom. After puking a couple times we decided it might be wise to head back to the room.

We got back to the room and I labored, moving around the room and using different positions.  Contractions slowed back down a bit and we decided to break my water in order to move things along. It wasn’t too long and I was almost a 10 but there was a slight cervical lip that was in the way. The midwife decided to have me push a couple contractions while she held the lip out of the way.  It worked! I continued pushing but this baby was giving me some difficulty. My midwife said I needed to get this little one out or we would need to do an episiotomy. I pushed through a few more contractions but baby wasn’t budging. The midwife snipped a bit and on the next contraction, baby’s head slid out! With the next contraction, baby slid the rest of the way out! They laid baby on my chest and we saw that we had another girl!

They left her on my chest as long as they felt was safe but she was quite blue and she needed some help clearing her airways. They ended up moving her to the baby area for a couple minutes.  During that time Nathan and I both agreed that her name was Elizabeth Sue. They brought her back and we snuggled skin to skin.  After a bit they weighed her and I shocked when they said 8 pounds, 12 ounces!! I actually thought they meant 7lb, 12oz since her big sis had been 7lb, 6oz but they reassured me that she was most definitely 8lb, 12oz. Haha! No wonder she was a bit more difficult to evict!

Elizabeth Sue Mayberry was born on October 7, 2013 at 10:52am. She was 8 pounds, 12 ounces and 21 inches long.  We are so happy she is here and big sis is over the moon excited!

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Another year.

So what a year it has been!  (I always intend to be better at posting but…

Anyway, our baby girl turned one in January!!  I can’t believe it has been a whole year already!!  We are so blessed by this beautiful, crazy, light in our life.  🙂ImageHer great grandma made the cake.  She got her own cupcake though, no sense in was wasting an entire cake!!  I think she enjoyed it though.  😉

So we had a wonderful time celebrating our little girl and were incredibly blessed by the friends and family that came to bless and celebrate her too.Image

So in other news, lets see….Nathan got a new position within Cerner that he is LOVING.  I love seeing him really enjoy his work.  🙂  I have been thinking of trying to make and sell tutus, like the one I made Bekah. We also have decided to tape verses to our mirror to help us with Bible memorization.  We are really liking having them up as a reminder.

OHhhh….right.  The big news.  🙂


Yeah….we are very excited to welcome a new Mayberry to our family sometime around Oct 1st.  🙂  Bekah, in honor of the occasion has even learned a new word.  “baby”

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Spoiled or Blessed

So my mom is cooking at camp this week. This means….no cell service. I love talking to my mom. I mean it is probably pretty bad when your husband says to you, “You haven’t talked to your mom in 4 days?!!? You better call her!” Haha! In all seriousness though I do talk to her probably just about every day.
So I am thinking to myself, “Wow…I am pretty spoiled.” All of the sudden a new thought crosses my mind, “You are incredibly blessed!” I have to pause a moment and reflect on this. I am blessed! My mom and I have had our disagreements but we have a wonderful relationship.
The biggest thing that I realize is this…I will get to talk to her again in a few days. Now not to be morbid but it made me think of heaven. I am so incredibly grateful to know that in a couple of days my mom will be back here. (God willing) That will not always be the case but because we both have a relationship with Jesus I know that when the time does come I will see her in heaven.  What a relief!!
I know not everyone out there has their mom a phone call away. If you do….CALL HER! You may say, “but you don’t know my mom” That is not a good excuse….period. One day she won’t be there and you won’t be able to talk to her. And honestly this applies to just about anyone.  Your mom, your dad, your siblings, your step-parents for goodness sakes!

Life is too short.  Pick up the phone….

Photo courtesy of Antisdel’s Natural Light Photography


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5 Months

So Bekah turned 5 months old yesterday. What a crazy, awesome, learning experience it has been. From bringing home this itty bitty person to seeing the developing personality in her as she tells us (in her own way) what it is she is needing or wanting. 🙂 Here are some photos.

Exactly 10 weeks after Bekah was born Nathan’s sister had a little girl.  We are so excited about the two of them getting to grow up together.  🙂

So we have had some rough days….

I had a scare for a couple days in April that made me think I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed.  God used it to remind me that He is ever faithful to provide.

Matthew 6:26 (NIV)

26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

But we have had wonderful, amazing, love, smiles, and giggle filled days that I wouldn’t trade for anything!!

So needless to say we love this baby girl.  We are reminded over and over again how great the Father’s love for us is.  Our love doesn’t even compare….which is mind boggling!!

Most definitely in His Grip  -KM

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What’s in a name??

So just in case anyone did not realize, we chose to not find out the sex of our baby. Life is full of surprises, though not all of them are as fun as this one.  So we were looking at boy names and girl names.  I am going to keep the ones we didn’t use this time secret because ya never know.  😉

We tossed lots of names back and forth through the entire 9 months. We had talked about using one of our parent’s middle names for a middle name. We didn’t really want to name our baby after anyone’s first name.  Too confusing. lol

So we were asleep in bed one night and I woke up to find Nathan awake too.  I asked what he was doing and he said, “What do you think of the name, Rebekah Lynn?”  I said, “I like it, but it is 2 o’clock in the morning!” I then rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning we added it too our list but we decided that we were not going to pick any specific names until we had held our baby.

When she was born the Dr honestly didn’t tell me if it was a boy or girl.  I asked 2 or 3 times, “Is it a boy or girl!?” before my mom was able to see and tell me it was a girl.  The minute I heard that I knew what her name was supposed to be. I looked at Nathan and said, “I think it is supposed to be Rebekah Lynn”.  He asked if I was sure since neither of us had gotten to hold her yet.  I was positive.  I looked across the room at my mom and told her, “Grandma, meet Rebekah Lynn!” It was such an incredible feeling, knowing exactly what her name was supposed to be.  I truly believe God gave her daddy that name.

Rebekah – One who is bound to God
Lynn – A form of Linda, meaning one who is soft and beautiful. This is also Nathans mom’s middle name.

I pray that she will grow to be a woman who is bound to God with a soft and beautiful spirit.

Photo courtesy of Antisdel's Natural Light Photography

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Rebekah Lynn Mayberry

So I have been horrible at keeping this updated since our post about us expecting. Soooo bad. Haha. I will try to do better. 🙂

Miss Rebekah Lynn Mayberry was born on January 12, 2012 at 1:20am. She was 7 pounds, 6 ounces and 20 inches long. For those who didn’t get all of the info here is some of it. Nathan is going to add his side of things later. lol

Miss Bekah wasn’t really sure she wanted to join us. All told it was about 45 hours from when I could no longer sleep more then 15-20 minutes.
I was actually in beginning stages of labor on Monday the 9th but I didn’t say anything because I wanted to be sure. After getting up 2-3 times in the night I finally was permanently up at 5am on the 10th. Nathan woke up and was helping me try to figure out where I was at. Things seemed to be fairly consistent so about 7 or 8 we called the midwife. She seemed sure that I was still early on in labor and said to try and relax and sleep some more. I was really having trouble sleeping (which makes more sense now) and things really felt like they were progressing.
My midwife was in Jeff City most of the day but she had me get in touch with her assistant that afternoon to see where things were at. We decided to go ahead and wait till 5 to go to the birth center. About 4:45 my mom got to our house and we headed to the birth center. When we got there she checked and I was only about a 5. She asked if I wanted to stay there or go home. We made the decision to go ahead and stay since I hadn’t really been any more comfortable at home.
As the night went on it just seemed like things would progress and then almost go back a bit. They had me doing different squats and lunges to try and move things along. They then checked me again about 4am and I was only a 6 or 7. Things just weren’t seeming to move. The assistant decided to try and feel where the baby was at and in the process my water broke. However, they realized that the baby was stuck on my right hip. This was why things weren’t really moving forward. (I also think this is why I was having so much trouble sleeping. My body was trying to move her into position but it just wasn’t happening. ) At that point we started discussing what needed to happen to move the baby into position. The decision was made to try and call a chiropractor. (keep in mind it is maybe 5:30 in the morning) We finally got hold of Dr Britt and he agreed to come in and adjust me. He arrived about 7am and not only adjusted me, but did some acupuncture, and talked with the midwives about what they had or hadn’t tried yet.
A little while after Dr. Britt left the midwives decided to try a technique called the “rebozo”. They take a piece of cloth and put it under my belly while I am on my hands and knees. During a contraction they stand on either side and “jiggle” my belly. Let me just say…IT HURTS!!
Finally things started to progress but I was exhausted. I had been 30 hours without good sleep at this point. Just some “cat naps”.  After lots and lots of discussion we finally made the VERY difficult decision to go to the hospital.  I knew that there was a possibility that they would immediately insist on an epidural or even something I really didn’t want…a c-section. Honestly though, I desperately needed some sleep.
We got to the hospital around 11am and the staff were fantastic! The nurse that was getting everything going asked if I wanted to try Nubain instead of an epidural. I was ecstatic!  I was able to get about an hour and a half of sleep.  I felt like a new woman.  haha
We decided to wait about an hour or so and see how things progressed before doing pitocin.  We wanted to see if my body would be able to get things going without it but we also didn’t want to get back to the point of exhaustion. In the end I ended up needing pitocin but things really started to get going at that point.  I had read that pitocin contractions are worse then without but honestly I feel like the contractions during the time she was stuck were worse then the pitocin contractions.
Honestly from there the timing of it all is a little fuzzy. All I know is that at 1:20am our beautiful baby girl was born.  Although they forgot to tell me if it was a boy or girl….my mom ended up telling me.  The minute I heard it was a girl I knew what her name was.  Rebekah Lynn Mayberry….I will put the story of how we got the name on here soon.
For now….here is a pic.  Here is my heart.  🙂

Rebekah Lynn Mayberry  01/12/2012

Photo courtesy of Antisdel's Natural Light Photography

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